Building Warranty

Building Warranties & Latent Defects Insurance - Peace of mind for a decade

The term Building Warranty is usually used to describe 10 year insurance policies for commercial and residential properties. 'Building Warranty' policies pay for the cost of rectifying defects to a building. These policies are sometimes termed 'Latent Defects' policies. As banks and building societies have become more restricted in how much they can lend they have in turn become more demanding in the conditions which they require of both borrowers and properties alike.

One major change is the requirement that all new properties must have a 10 year structural warranty from a building warranty insurer which is recognized by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

All Building Warranty products come with CML approval and we specialize in providing insurance cover which meet the requirements of all the major lenders in the Global.

Our experienced team of qualified professionals enjoy good relations with all the major warranty providers which means once we have discussed your requirements we can get you the best deal available.

KL Surety can arrange the following products:

  • New Home Warranty
  • Completed Housing Warranty
  • New Housing With Building Defects
  • Self Build Warranty
  • Social Housing Warranty
  • Insolvency Warranty
  • Commercial Property Warranty
  • Judicial Review Insurance
  • Rights of Light Insurance