Q – How do I obtain a quotation from KLS Limited?

A – Simply fill in our Enquiry Form

Q – Once we have received a quotation, can we discuss it?

A – Yes – we encourage you to do so

Q – Are KLS Limited FCA regulated?

A – Yes

Q – Are KLS Limited the Surety/Bond Provider / Surety?

A – Yes – KLS Limited is a Surety/Bond Company for an International provider of industry standard and bespoke Surety Bonds & Guarantees

Q – Are KLS Limited an Insurance Broker?

A – KLS Limited do give advice and we do hold Client Monies

Q – What is a Bond and what does it provide?

A – Providing a Bond as part of a contractual agreement gives comfort to the acceptor / beneficiary.

Q – I have an On Demand Wording. Would this be acceptable?

A – No – On Demand (Please see Glossary explanation)

There are many questions that might be added to this list, KLS Limited have many years of experience in answering questions about bonds and guarantees, the fast track to finding out what you need to know, is to submit a live bond enquiry. This can be achieved by fully completing our enquiry form, either online or by downloading. One of our professional team will deal directly with your request. Should we require any further information we will of course contact you.