Insurance & Surety

Surety Bonds and Performance Guarantees

We have the experience and expertise to satisfy the surety bond needs for businesses of all sizes. As specialists in this sector, we have the knowledge and commercial relationships that put us in a position where we can deliver an effective and flexible service for your projects.

Building Warranty

The term Building Warranty is usually used to describe 10 year insurance policies for commercial and residential properties. 'Building Warranty' policies pay for the cost of rectifying defects to a building. These policies are sometimes termed 'Latent Defects' policies. As banks and building societies have become more restricted in how much they can lend they have in turn become more demanding in the conditions which they require of both borrowers and properties alike.

Title Insurance

For almost 9 years, we have successfully provided title insurance for conveyances and major lenders. At KL Surety, our highly experienced and committed team of professionals will ensure that we find the right solution for your business, and help you avoid incurring any financial losses in future projects. Get a quote today and see what we can do for you.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is a term used to describe both business credit insurance (also known as Trade Credit Insurance) and consumer credit insurance, e.g., credit life insurance, credit disability insurance (also known as credit accident and health insurance), and credit unemployment insurance.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

If you use your car for commercial purposes, or it's owned by your company, then ordinary car insurance may not provide you with the level of cover you need. KL Surety offers specialist motor insurance policies for commercial use. Our team of experienced motor experts have access to a wide range of the Global leading motor insurers, meaning we can find you the best cover to suit your business needs. Get a quote today to see how much you can save.

Property Insurance

if you own something special you want to protect it. All our policies provide protection against common risks to property such as fire, theft and water damage. And to give you total peace of mind, we also offer worldwide fine art insurance; special insurance and jewelers block Insurance. So whatever your property insurance needs may be, we're confident of finding the right deal for you.

Captive Insurance

Fronting Insurance & Risk Management Services - we take the risks out of doing business. KL Surety Company fronting insurance services provides an important link between insurers and re insurers and captives. This gives license to companies to participate in certain business risks that they would not otherwise have been able to previously participate in. Contact us to find out how we can help you do the same. KL Surety Company is licensed in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.