Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds & Performance Guarantee Insurance - If the contractor doesn't perform we will!

We have the experience and expertise to satisfy the surety bond needs for businesses of all sizes. As specialists in this sector, we have the knowledge and commercial relationships that put us in a position where we can deliver an effective and flexible service for your projects.

Performance Bond

A bond by which the Surety provider agrees to pay an Employer damages in the event of contractual non performance.

Construction Guarantee Bond

A performance bond geared towards the construction sector and construction contracts.

Retention Bond

A bond which allows Employer to pay retention monies to the Contractor in advance of practical completion and making good of defects.

Advance Payment Bond

A bond which guarantees to an Employer their upfront payment to a Contractor.

Off-Site Materials Bond

A bond which guarantees payments made by an Employer to a Contractor for goods which are held off site before they are required for a project.

Duty Deferment Guarantee / VAT Guarantee / Warehouse Guarantee

These are guarantees in favour of HMRC.

Rural Payment Agency Guarantee

A guarantee from an importer to the Rural Payments Agency in lieu of a cash deposit.

Deferred Payment Bond

This is a guarantee that a future payment will be made and is often used in connection with a property or business purchase eg Management Buy Out (MBO) or Management Buy In (MBI).

Eaga Bond

This is a bond issued in favor of Eaga plc also known as Carillion.

Bid / Tender Bond

A bond which is often submitted with a tender to demonstrate to the Employer the ability of the party tendering to commence the contract if it is awarded to them.


A specific style of bond which is issued to the NHBC instead of the need for a cash deposit.

Highway Act / Road Bond

A bond which guarantees to a local authority that a road, footpath or street lighting will be provided to a standard which they can adopt.

Sewer Bond

A bond which guarantees to a local water company that drainage and / or sewer systems will be provided to a standard that they can then adopt.

Pension Bond

A bond to a local authority which protects them in the event that a private sector firm, who has taken on one of their former employees, fails to continue making payments to the employees local authority pension scheme should they choose to continue being members of it.

Environment Agency Bond / Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Bond

Bonds in favour of these agencies for a variety of bespoke purposes.

Restoration / Reinstatement / Landfill Bonds

Bonds which guarantee that land is returned to an agreed state

Transfrontier Waste Shipment Guarantee

A guarantee which provides protection to The Environment Agency for waste shipments.


The term Surety Bond is used to describe the following products:

  • Performance Bond
  • Retention Bond
  • Outsourcing Bond
  • Bid Bond
  • Maintenance bond
  • Sewer Bond
  • Pension Bond
  • Landfill Bond
  • VAT Guarantee
  • HMRC Guarantee
  • Warehouse Guarantee
  • Construction Guarantee Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Off-Site Materials Bond
  • Tender Bond
  • NHBC Bond
  • Highway Bond
  • Rural Payment Agency Guarantee
  • Transfrontier Waste Shipment Guarantee
  • Duty Deferment Guarantee
  • Environment Agency Bond
  • Deferred Payment Bond